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hanyuu in the city

September 2008



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Sep. 27th, 2008

hanyuu in the city

Oni-chan's Rant #2: The N word in today's slang

I don't understand it; I really don't. How can you take such a disgusting word and turn it into a slang greeting? How?! That is so stupid... And yet it seems that there are a lot of stupid people in this world willing to do so.

"Hey, what's up my n---a?"

I hate that phrase, I really do. Have people once again failed to learn from history and therefore are using the N word as the latest slang craze? Do people today even know where the heck that came from? Apparently not, so let me tell you. N---a came from N----r, an insulting term that white people used to call black people back in the days of racism in the 60s. It was rude and inconsiderate, not to mention degregatory on so many levels that god forbid I heard somebody call me this word...well, let's just say I can't be held liable for the actions I will do under such a circumstance...

The worst part is that I don't think anybody realizes what the hell they're doing when they say that word; they're allowing an unacceptable term back into society's vocabulary. If a black person calls another black person that, then other races are going to think that it's okay to say crap like that to black people. But it's not! You hear me?! It's not! It was born a bad word, and therefore should remain a bad word for as long as we people are living on this earth. Yes, I referred to the worst word in history as a 'bad word'; there are plenty of other things I'd like to refer to it as, but if I did, I might get in trouble. And the whole point of this rant is not to get anyone--especially not myself--in any form of trouble whatsoever. It's to get it through to the people in the world who will listen to just about anything but the voice of reason.

To get to the point, I don't care how you say it. It's still a horrible word which I refuse to hear!

Sep. 19th, 2008

hanyuu in the city

Oni-chan's Rant #1: Online Advertisements

Since the dawn of the personal computer/MAC age, online advertisements have been a constant nuisance that we could seriously do without. Now, don't get me wrong here; I mean, you do need ads to tell you about important stuff like concerts and job opportunities and things of the like. However, that doesn't allow these damn companies to suddenly decide to overload webpages with the freaking things! I mean, come on here! I can't go through one day without having one of these f--kers try to crash my computer by popping out of nowhere, somehow managing to escape my pop-up blocker of doom and violate webpages with their nonsensical tests, contests, and screensaver offers. Why do I need all that? For one thing, I'm a bit too young to be entering those contests, and even if that weren't the case, they're probably all scams or attempts to steal my identity (yet another reason why online ads are such a pain in the ass). Even if I was old enough and these contests were legitimate, there's always a catch with these things that you just can't find until you read the fine print. (And by then it is far, far too late to do a thing about it.) Also, I don't need to download screensavers; do you? I highly doubt it since nowadays people can just go to photobucket, save a picture to their computers, and set it as their background! Easy! And I don't want to know if I'm emo, or dumb, or what kind of -insertanimetvcartooncharacternamehere- I am. That is not my reason for going onto fanfiction.net or youtube.com or any of the other sites I go to.

And it's not just the popups that annoy me, either. Sometimes it's even the ones that you normally see on top of a page that bug me; usually the ones with the disturbing or innapropiate pictures of bikini-clad woman (Ew...). I mean, these are freaking sites for all ages! Why are you going to put things like that on such sites? Are you that eager to disturb the normal people of this world? You don't know how many times I've seen "OMG! Watch Brittney's Bikini Top Slip". What is so interesting about that? Personally, I think it's a violation of one's privacy when you post an embarrassing moment like that on the internet for all to see and it's sexist.  Oh, and let's not forget the ones that ask, "Do you know when you die?" kind of ads. I don't know about you, but I don't want to know when the unfortunate day comes that I kick the bucket.

To put this rant to a close, online advertisements can be used for good--and evil. It's mainly used for evil in my opinion, considering the crap that people are willing to advertise and the world wide web would be a much better place if such spammy, perverted, computer-crashing advertisements were not posted on websites.

Sep. 7th, 2008

hanyuu in the city

Writer's Block: Google Founded

Ten years ago today, Google was founded. In that time, how has Google changed your life, and do you ever go out of your way to avoid its omnipresent power?
Basically, I rarely use Google, so it doesn't have much impact on my internet searching experience; and besides, it's just like Yahoo! in practically every way, shape, and/or form except it has a different name and logo. If I were to put a search for someting in Google and the same search in Yahoo!, the results would be exactly the same in the exact same order. I've actually tried this before for school assignments, so I would know. In addition, for something to have changed my life, it would have to have saved said life or did something good for my life, and Google hasn't done that; in fact, it's probably one of those little things that contributes to my bad luck since it almost never finds me the search results I want and comes up with the most random of crap to give me, so I wind up searching the damn thing for hours to find what I want, which I usually don't. The same applies to Yahoo!. The only thing preventing me from finding a better search engine site is the fact that there is no other search engine site that is better than those two pathetic ones that people deem so popular, which is total bull in my opinion since it has rarely ever helped me find what I want, and I am very specific in my searches.

And thus we come to an end to yet another rant from onisarashi_kun.
Thank you for reading.

Aug. 29th, 2008

hanyuu in the city

Writer's Block: What You'd Accomplish if Success Was Guaranteed

Knowing beforehand that you wouldn't fail, what would you attempt to do?
1.) Write an internationally best-selling novel that would grant me millions of dollars.
2.)Get my mom to buy me a ticket for  the lottery (hell yeah!).
3.)Find the cure to to cancer, diabetes, etc.
4.)Make my own manga/anime based on the book mentioned for number 1.
5.)Make sure nobody in the world was poor.
6.)Become an intelligent athlete...let me rephrase that: a hot intelligent athlete.

Aug. 18th, 2008

hanyuu in the city

Writer's Block: Running Things

What would you change about your country if you could be in charge for a day?
 Let's see...
1.) I would make it so everybody in the workforce gets their fair share of wages (For example, a black doctor getting the same salary as a white doctor, who gets the same salary as a woman doctor).

2.) Restore the art programs in schools.

3.) Find healthy cooking alternatives for fast food (get rid of some of that " good ol' grease").

4.) Find alternative fuels for cars, airplanes, etc.

5.) Help restore forests, woodlands, etc.

6.) Build more schools.

7.) Improve urban schools (better textbooks, less standard exams, more one-on-one teaching, learn things that actually pretain to real life, etc.)

8.) Get those soliders the hell home (Seriously, we're doing more harm than good by busting into other countries that we have no business busting into; true, I hate human cruelty as much as the next guy, but there are other ways to solve things besides war...)

9.) Run more recycling programs ('Cause I'm tired of seeing landfills. Aren't you?).

10.) SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT! (Because everything--and I mean everything--we have basically comes from there)

And there's so, SO much more...

Aug. 14th, 2008

hanyuu in the city

Writer's Block: Six-Word Story

Hemingway was once challenged to write a story in only six words. His response? “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” He is believed to have called it his greatest literary work ever. Can you write a story in six words?
 I don't think I could write a story in six words, at least not a good one. I don't know how Hemingway pulled it off, but yet again, he was a very famous author for his time and I think people would read just about anything of his, even if it was just a sentence. I, on the other hand, rely heavily on lengthy stories. I never did well on short stories; in fact, I had to cut out the ending of one of my short stories because it went over the limit for my writing assignment.

Aug. 7th, 2008

hanyuu in the city

I really despise the internet a lot nowadays...

Because it seems that all the search engines in the world wide web are too pathetic to help me find what I want. Every time I type in something in the stupid search box and press 'ENTER', I get all kinds of results, most of which have nothing to do with my search. For example, if I type in  
'Profile layout', I get profiles for people on MySpace, Deviantart, Fanfiction.net, the works, none of which are layouts, just profiles. (Or worse, I get results about people talking about layouts in forum sites.) "Okay, I'll just make it more specific," I decide and type in "Custom CSS profile layouts" and omit results from MySpace, Deviantart, etc and yet I still get results that have nothing to do with what I'm searching for. When I finally reach the point where I have omitted practically everything irrelevant to my search, the website says it can't find it. Excuse my language, but what the hell?! Is it so damn hard for you to find something as simple as a profile layout?! Honestly! What kind of stupidity is that? Every search engine I use does the exact same thing: Google, Yahoo. Ask.com, etc. They all act the same!  Is it too much to ask for a search engine that can actually get me something that I actually need instead of random crap that I didn't ask for? Is it really? Or is it something I did? The latter is something I highly doubt, because nowadays all my searches are very specific and omit anything I feel is unnecessary. Am I the only one who feels this upset whenever he/she goes searching for things on the internet and gets everything but what he/she wants? Am I?

Aug. 3rd, 2008

hanyuu in the city

Higurashi no naku koro ni kai: Kaiki-hen

Okay, this is my first higurashi fanfiction that I'm putting here. There will be others, along with original ideas. Anyway, this fanfiction explores the possibilities of what happened at the end of Higurashi no naku koro ni kai between Shion and Satoshi. Here's the summary I put on fanfiction.net:

 Summary: Several months after Matsuribayashi-hen. When Cicadas Cry Solutions: Recovery chapter. Upon finding out that Satoshi is in a comatose state in the Irie Institution, Shion devotes her time and effort to help Irie find a cure to the Hinamizawa Syndrome. However, the path to a cure is a hard and heart-tugging one as Shion struggles to accept the fact that her beloved may only see monsters when he is awake...one of them being her. Rated T for mild language and comedically violent situations.

So, I really hope you like it, and as an aspiring author, I'm really hoping that you give it a decent review complete with constructive criticism. 
Thank you!

Higurashi no naku koro ni Kai-Kaiki-hen

When Cicadas Cry Kai

Recovery Chapter

Part I: A Rude Awakening

Satoshi began to stir, wrinkling the sheets of his bed. He struggled to lift his heavy eyelids as he began to murmur something. Shion, who had been sitting on an armchair next to him, reading, jumped to attention. Her book fell to the floor with a soft CLAP as she stood up beside him.

“Satoshi-kun?” she inquired hopefully.

His eyes fluttered open. Satoshi carefully propped himself up against the reclining bed. The haze slowly lifted from his vision as his wine-red, brown eyes adjusted to the fluorescent lighting of the hospital room. Dazed, he slowly looked around, from the glass window that revealed the empty hallway to the tubes and appliances attached to his very being, which lead to the machines by the bed. With a relieved sigh, he ran his fingers through his blond hair. The demons that had been attacking him earlier had vanished.

“Satoshi-kun?” Shion asked again, trying to get the entranced boy’s attention.

She placed a gentle hand on the boy’s shoulder. Satoshi turned to the green-haired female beside him. His pupils shrank in his horrified eyes as his face contorted with fear. A grotesque demon with scaly, rough skin and menacing red eyes was pulling at his arm, sinking its claws into his skin. Maggots began pouring from the wound and an overbearing urge to scratch took over his body.

“AAAAHHHH!” Satoshi shrieked, digging his nails into his arm, “Get out of my body! GET OUT OF MY BODY!”

“Satoshi-kun, calm down! There are no maggots!” Shion consoled, reaching out to the screaming teen.

“No! Get away from me, you monster!” he cried, slapping her hand away.

Shion reluctantly forced Satoshi down, only to have the male’s feet kick her back constantly as he tried to tear himself from her powerful grip. He scratched her in the face, causing little droplets of blood to run down her cheek, and continued his screaming fit. Irie rushed into the room with a rag, which was damp, with what Shion guessed, was chloroform.

“AAAAAAHHHH!” Satoshi screamed even louder, “DEMONS! DEMONS! THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!”

Shion tried to calm him down with soothing words, but Satoshi refused to be deceived so easily, no matter how calming the words of the monster next to him was. He continued to protest, to yell. Irie helped Shion force the blonde’s head against the pillow, then shoved the rag over his nose and mouth. Satoshi’s frantic eyes darted back and forth frantically, from Irie to Shion and back, before glazing over as he succumbed to the sickly sweet stench of the substance. His eyelids draped over his eyes. Relief spread over his face…and through his bed sheets.

“Oh!” Shion gasped.

“Ah, Shion-san, you’re bleeding!”

“It-It’s okay,” she replied, wiping the blood onto a napkin.

“If it is, then could you please get me some new sheets?” Irie requested.

With a nod, Shion headed out the door and down the corridor towards the closet. Her eyes burned from holding back the tears she refused to shed. A lump formed in her throat. She wasn’t so upset over being called a demon (But don’t get me wrong. That hurt, too.) as much as she was upset over the pain Satoshi had to endure. Hadn’t he suffered enough already? Shion could only imagine how terrified Satoshi probably was right now. This was not the kind of awakening she had been hoping for.

Irie patted her head as she stood before the closet, shattering the girl’s thoughts. It was then that she had realized she was crying.

He gently whispered into her ear, “I’m so sorry that you had to see that. You should probably go home early today.”

Shion slept badly that night; the image of her beloved yet horrified Satoshi always appearing behind her eyelids.

Keiichi opened his bedroom door just a crack, his lavender-blue eyes scanning the hallway, making sure that no one was around to see him in such an embarrassing state. Once again, he had lost a game to, which he called, the green-haired she-devil. Also known as Mion Sonozaki. Everybody knows in the tradition of the Gaming Club, whoever loses a game receives a penalty game. And Keiichi swore that this one belonged in the Hall of Embarrassing Penalty Games. Hell, he should just tear down the hall and make a shrine in dedication to this one.

Good, everybody’s gone. Maybe God doesn’t hate me as much as I thought...

Quietly, Keiichi slipped out of the room, dressed in one of Rena’s schoolgirl outfits, which Irie had designed himself. He tiptoed downstairs.

Almost there...almost there...

“Hey, Keiichi! Good morning!” cried a cheery, masculine voice.


Keiichi cocked his head a bit to the side, where his father stood. He was in a robe and holding a mug of coffee. He could tell that he was trying his hardest not to laugh because of the constant twitch of the elder’s lips.

Dammit! So close! Why, God? WHY?!

“Ah, I see you’re trying on another...outfit.”

“Y-yeah,” Keiichi muttered. He looked at the floor, wishing he could just melt into the carpet. This had not been the first time his father had seen him in something...unusual. In fact, it was now a daily occurrence, something to be expected of him.

His mother, who was wiping a glass, entered the lobby.

“What’s going on...here?

“Hi, mom.”

“G-G-Good morning, Keiichi. Did...did you sleep well?”


Insert awkward silence here. His mother turned to his father.

She whispered, “Hideaki, I think that Keiichi may be hiding something from us. I think he feels that we would take it the wrong way--”

“Mom, I’m not hiding anything. It’s a dare--”

“Now, now, Chiharu. It’s just a phase.”

“It’s not a phase! It’s a dare!”

“But still. What if he’s...y’know? I have nothing against that, but maybe he doesn’t know--”

Hello?! Does anybody realize...that I’M. STILL. HERE?!”

“Don’t worry; I’m sure Keiichi realizes that we’re dedicated to him 100, no matter what. And we’ll always give him our undivided attention.”

“Oh, forget it!” Keiichi cried, slipping into a pair of school shoes before he slammed the door behind him.

He walked along his normal path to school, ignoring the unusual stares he was getting from the townsfolk—or at least trying to. He heightened his pace. The sooner he got to school, the sooner this nightmare could end. As usual, Rena awaited his arrival by the fences.

“Morning, Keiichi-kun! You look so cute today!” she exclaimed with joy as she waved the approaching male.

“Morning,” Keiichi grumbled bitterly.

“Hau! Don’t look so sad! It’ll be over soon!”

“Not soon enough. I’m going to need years of therapy after I finish high school because of you guys!”

“Aw! You know you love us.”

“Define love...”

“Hey, guys!” Mion greeted as they came by the watermill shed, where she would always wait for them.

“Don’t ‘Hey’ me, you—you bastard! You fucking made my parents think I’m gay or something!”

“Hey, what’s wrong with gay people?”

“Nothing, but in case you haven’t noticed...I’M NOT GAY!”

Mion dismissed Keiichi’s comment with a wave of her hand. “You’ve been through worse. What are a few rumors?”

“If you weren’t my friend...” Keiichi began as they continued walking.

“Mi-chan, where’s Shi-chan?” Rena inquired.

“She’s probably still asleep. Kasai said that she came home late yesterday from her shift at Angel Mort.”

“Why is she so busy these days, I wonder? I wonder?” Rena asked.

“Yeah,” Keiichi added, “Lately, she’s been making up lots of excuses and ditching us at the worse possible times--”

“Oh!” Rena began, “You mean like that time when those fangirls tried to--”

Keiichi slammed his hand over Rena’s mouth, “Yes, like that time...”

“...” , was Mion’s only response. Unlike her friends, she knew of her sister’s dilemma. Satoshi was alive...but in an unstable state where he saw everyone as an enemy. As a result, he had been put under sedation. His condition had improved rather well since that fateful day when he had first woken up about a year ago; however, he still saw strangers as demons. He only trusted Irie and a few others. Sadly, this excluded Shion.

The trio arrived at school, where Keiichi was interrogated by the councilor upon his arrival, and just when the brunette thought that the tempest was over...he was showered with rain the minute he entered the classroom...literally.

“DAMMIT, SATOKO!” He screeched.

Satoko, who had been eagerly waiting at the center of the room, began to laugh her signature laugh.

“Oh ho ho ho! No matter how many times Keiichi-san falls for a trick, it’s still funny!”

“Damn you, you little demon!”

Keiichi began chasing the blonde around the room, carefully dodging traps here and there. The door slid shut as Shion meekly entered the room. She was paler than usual and had bags under her bright green eyes. It wasn’t exactly a pretty sight.

“Sh-Shion!” Mion gasped, “What are you doing here?”

“I go to school here now, remember?” the younger twin teased.

Shion took in the scene before her. “Ah, it seems that once again, poor Kei-chan has fallen victim to Satoko’s tricks,” she chuckled.

Rena joined in with her, as did Mion. However, the older Sonozaki knew that her sister’s happiness was forced.

Shion stood before the Institution. She couldn’t understand why, but suddenly an eerie chill ran through her body and kept her frozen in place. The building didn’t bode intimidation; in fact, it was rather...welcoming. However, what lay inside waiting for her did the opposite. She was about to turn around and run back to the apartment, when her inner self grabbed some determination.

Get a hold of yourself, Shion! So what if Satoshi-kun doesn’t recognize you right now? If you abandon him now, then there’s no hope! You have to go inside! And if you’re not going to do it for yourself, then do it for Satoshi-kun. And let’s not forget Satoko-chan. You can’t just leave her without her ‘Nii Nii’! Go inside...NOW!

With a deep breath, Shion stormed into the Institution. The interior was like that of any other hospital. Some not-so-ill looking patients sat in the lobby, waiting to be called. Doctors rushed people through the hallways and screamed commands to the nurses, who paged others for help. The aroma of disinfectant lay thick in the air. And let’s not forget that bored looking nurse who sat behind the receptionist’s desk, looking at a magazine.

Shion walked up to her. “Uh, excuse me? I’m Shi--”

“Oh, I know who you are,” the nurse replied, “The doctor’s in room 222 today.”

She dismissed Shion with a wave.

“Okay,” Shion replied, forcing a small smile. Bitch.

She headed upstairs to room 222, which was the doctors’ and nurses’ lounge. Irie was talking casually with a fellow colleague. Shion knocked on the door.

“Excuse me? Is it okay for me to come in?”

“Sure. I was just finishing my conversation with Dr. Akai.”

Dr. Akai nodded and left as Shion entered the room.

“Now, Shion, before I give you your schedule, I’d like to say that you are in no way obligated to help us here at the Institution. You can quit at any time--”

“No, no, no. I’m more than happy to help out in any way I can. For the sake of the people of Hinamizawa...” And for Satoshi’s sake...

“Okay then, here’s a schedule of things you’ll have to do for Satoshi during vacation,” Irie explained, “You’ll notice that you’re free on weekends and certain holidays--”

What?!” Shion cried, her heart almost bursting out of her chest as she read a line on the schedule over and over again.

“Shion, I admire your determination to help Satoshi, but I can’t have you--”

“No, not that! I have to...” Shion squeaked, her face reddening at the thought, “I have to...bathe Satoshi-kun?!”

“Well, we don’t want him to get dirty, now do we?” Irie teased, “But I understand if you feel...uncomfortable--

“No. It’s-It’s okay. I don’t mind. How...how hard could it be?”

Oh why, oh why did I say that?! Shion mentally exclaimed as she hovered over the sleeping patient whom she had to bathe.

Satoshi lay fast asleep, occasionally mumbling something about teddy bears and cupcakes. Shion brushed a few stray strands of hair from his peaceful face. He looked so angelic and at ease that no one would ever guess what hell he was experiencing. Shion felt a smile crawl onto her face. She let out a deep breath.

Okay, Shion. You can do this. He is like any other patient you’ve bathed at the Institution. He has what every other patient of his gender has...

The thought only made Shion even more uncomfortable that she already was. Shaking her head, she began removing the tubes and appendages off of Satoshi’s being. Then, she injected a sedative into his arm to make sure that he wouldn’t wake up anytime soon. Now began the difficult process of stripping Satoshi down. Shion decided to start with his light blue and white top, carefully pulling it over his head before pulling down the matching shorts and undergarments below. Next, she carried him to the shower room (which was built into his room) and placed Satoshi into a nice warm bath.

Shion massaged shampoo into the blond’s scalp and rinsed his hair carefully to avoid getting any suds into his eyes. She scrubbed the upper half of his body...freezing when she reached the waist. She just sat there for about five minutes, merely staring at his chest, not sure if she wanted to continue.

Here goes nothing...

She continued downward, trying her best not to flush while cleaning “down there” and lastly rinsed and dried him before placing fresh clothing over his body. Finally, she hooked all the machinery he had worn. Satoshi stirred, making Shion jump. However, he went back to sleep almost immediately.

“Thank you...” he whispered.

The logical part of Shion’s mind assumed that Satoshi believed that it was Irie who was taking care of him and was probably whom he was thanking. But the more hopeful side of her thought that Satoshi recognized her. And it was that part that she was going to stick to.

A/N: A rather cheesy ending; yes, I know. I didn’t know exactly how to end this one, Neh... –Sweat drop- Also, this fanfic will be a bit AU-ish, so expect a little tweaking here and there...not much though

Jul. 4th, 2008

hanyuu in the city


This is my first--but definitely not my last--entry for this site. Before I start putting up fanfics, entries, and things of the like here, I'd like to tell you more about myself. First of all, you may have already noticed because of my username and my userpic, but if you haven't (which would be impossible), I am obsessed with Higurashi no naku koro ni. I consider it one of the best animes I've ever seen and it's left a great impression on me. 07th Expansion gives a certain depth to its characters that makes them so much more real than other anime characters: they give them a dark side, which everybody is supposed to have. However, I've noticed that in most books/tv shows/animes/manga/movies, no one really sees the dark side of the protagonist, nor do they see the good side of the antagonist. And my question is 'Why?' I'm just as guilty of having one-sided characters as any other person who writes/draws/produces, but still, I try my best to capture that depth that 07th Expansion has mastered. 

Another thing about Higurashi is its whole plot; at first it looks like a gore fest and I have to admit, that's one of the reasons I was addicted to it...at first. But then, I saw the mystery behind and started wondering about Oyashiro-sama myself. Was he real (in this fiction world)? If so, what kind of god does that to his people? Or is this just a mere cover-up? I wanted to know more, so I continued watching. This leads to yet another thing that makes Higurashi so unique and amazing: nobody is what I thought they were. --GET READY FOR SPOILERS-- Miyo Takano turned out to be the actual protagonist, and Oyashiro-sama was just this cute little girl who was helping Rika change fate. And that's the freakest part of all: It was RIKA who was the main protagonist of it all. I never saw that coming!  But who did? And that's why Higurashi is so...astounding; it's an awesome show!

I'd talk about it more, but I have other things to tell you, such as who I am.

Hikari Kagesaki (most recent)
Age: in my teens ('nuff said)
Hobbies: writing, reading, running
Favorite Animes/Manga: Higurashi no naku koro ni (obviously), Umineko no naku koro ni, .hack//(G.U., Another Birth, Legend of Twilight), Cardcaptor Sakura (the unedited English version), Alien Nine, Kingdom Hearts
Favorite Books: Alex Rider Series (eh, not as much anymore), The Gatekeepers (again, not as much anymore), The City of Ember, The Goodness Gene, Among the Hidden
Favorite TV Shows: That 70s Show, 8 Simple Rules, Saved by the Bell, Home Improvement, Ben 10 Alien Force, Chowder (a little bit)
Dislikes: The very school I go to, improper grammar (yes, that includes l33t, or whatever the heck you call it), most of my peers, vegetables that are cooked to make them taste nasty, not eating, broken technology of any sort (laptops, computers, etc.), being scared of so many things, being told what to do by people who show no respect for me
Likes: reading, eating, writing, drawing (or at least trying to), running, traveling

I write fanfictions and originals,  but succeed more in the fanfiction department (don't know why). Fandoms include: 
-Cardcaptor Sakura
-Higurashi no naku koro ni

So, I guess that all. I'll be writing more in the future! Be prepared to see fanfics!